Site Preparation Checklist - What You Need to Know Before We Arrive

Here are a few things you can do to prepare your site before we arrive that not only speeds up the milling process, it will save you money. In order for us to be able to set up and saw your logs efficiently, we need a level site where the logs are and with enough room to manuever our equipment. Use the handy checklist below to ensure your site is ready for our visit.


1. Make sure the sawing site is on a solid, level surface. This means, no wet, muddy or sandy soiled areas as our machinery can easily become stuck in such conditions.

2. Your logs should be lined up and ready to go at the log sawing site prior to us arriving. Logs should be set up in such a way that when we pull our equipment in they are parallel to the sawmill. We do not bring additional equipment to move logs. It is your responsibility to have logs lined up and ready to saw when we arrive.

3. The sawing site should be large enough for us to maneuver our equipment in and out easily. At minimum, we need a site radius of about 50 feet in all directions. This provides us with the room needed to get in and out with our equipment, a space for your lumber to be stacked and an area for slab remnants.

4. We saw the logs and YOU offbear the lumber. Do expect to get a little sweaty! If you are unable to offbear lumber, you may elect to hire assistance. We can provide a helper to offbear lumber for an additional fee per hour.