Rough Cut Lumber

The advantages to using our service vs. retail lumber purchase or stationary sawmills is crystal clear!

  • With a surface close to planer quality, it gives a new meaning to the term "rough sawn lumber"
  • Narrow bandsaw kerf technology provides up to 33% more lumber from your logs than conventional sawmills.
  • Lumber is sawn to your specifications with the opportunity to monitor and change your cut list needs with each log.
  • Logs processed at your site, eliminating transportation cost and double handling.
  • Prevent log yard confusion and be assured the lumber sawn is from your logs.
  • Saw high grade lumber for woodworking projects saving up to $ 6.00 a board foot.
  • No middleman or store clerk - one on one customer relationship.
  • Save even more by providing help to off bear the lumber.
  • Minimal wait  - call for an appointment when you begin harvesting your trees.